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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our Reef Lives On!!!

Opening May 9 in Ojai, CA our SIW reef will be front and center in "Waterworks II", an international juried exhibition presented by Porch Gallery and Venice Institute for Contemporary Art (ViCA) including works from as far away as China. Everyone who helped to create this reef will be acknowledged in the exhibition. 

When I moved to California, the platform did not make the cut. The platform allows the reef to 'float' just off the ground. Here are a few shots of the platform in progress....This documentation can also serve as a reference for how to construct a Something in the Water platform for your own reef. I made a paper pattern of the shape of the reef and then cut it to fit the plywood. 

I used scraps left from cutting out the platform to screw the pieces together. With four pieces, I can unscrew,  transport, and store them more easily. The edges are painted black to make them less apparent when the reef is assembled. An assortment of boxes, foam, and bubble wrap will create height and fill the breast shapes to all their glory. When I assemble, I will cover the support materials with black fabric and tack the edges in place to prevent shifting . (People cannot resist touching it!)

I will send installation shots as soon as they are available!