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Friday, February 4, 2011


Eco-Art project: Something in the Water

Crochet with plastic bags?! Learn how and participate in an eco-art project using plastic bags to crochet breast shapes that will be joined together in a reef shape. Highlighting this dark side of our dependency on plastic bags, concerned people are crocheting breast shapes from plastic bags. The first reef crocheted by women around the world, exhibited at an art exhibition at the American Jewish Museum in Pittsburgh in May of 201, drew so much intrigue it seemed the project had untapped potential!

In 2012, a reef managed by Daisy Maciel in Porto Allegre, Brazil was exhibited at a city building for a special event. While on a residency in rural Turkey, many women got involved. I discovered the project is also an excellent vehicle for cross cultural common ground.  Still seeking a manager for Turkey. In May I am off to Israel/Palestine where I hope to meet with concerned women who want to start a reef there. The ultimate vision is that all reefs will come together to join in a giant exhibition.

If you would like to participate, Search Project Guidelines and Description on blog for more details. Contact Wendy Osher:

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  1. I added this as a project on Ravelry. If anyone is on Ravelry, they can post their designs!