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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Bag It" in Omaha, Nebraska

Megan 'White' Shonka, a SIW project participant, is hosting a screening of the fabulous film, "Bag It", about our addiction to single use plastic bags! on April13. If you are in Omaha or know anyone there, be sure to forward the info. Go Megan! Let us know what the response is.

Info on how about how some cities have banned plastic bags may inspire you to start a grassroots initiative! Here is a link to an NPR report and an LA Times article about the Santa Monica ban.

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  1. "Something in the water" now in Turkey! I loved to knowing that awareness of the plastic's bags use and feminine handicraft's knowledge is reality trough Wendy Oscher's Turkish women hands and intelligence.
    From here in Porto Alegre,cheered for you!
    Daisy Maciel