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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something in the Water/Ojai, CA

Our Something in the Water reef floated buoyantly front and center in the Waterworks2 exhibition at Porch Gallery in Ojai, CA from May 9-June 8! All works in the exhibition plumbed the depths of water issues amplifying each other in powerful ways. I think this was definitely the most advantageous installation of the piece to date. So many people were intrigued, curious, emotional, and impressed with everyone's contributions. All contributors were named individually in the wall text. The curators said they loved talking with visitors about it. Happily, the show is slated to travel to Glendale, CA in the fall, so I will be installing the piece there in September. Other interesting possibilities now loom for the piece. Will let you know when we hear for sure!

You can see how it dominates the space!

Here's me reef-side!


  1. This is fantastic! So great to see it up and raising awareness again - can't wait to see where else it goes!

  2. Congratulations dear Wendy, for your brilliant journey!
    Here in Porto Alegre we continue showing also the Something in the Water' number two ... next September we will be in the Botanical Garden again...